Our company was founded in 1928 by Mr. Emilio Redondo Paramio, the eldest of five brothers and born into a family of humble farmers. After a lifetime dedicated to the cultivation of Fruits and Vegetables, in 2006, his grandson Mr. Juan Antonio Pons Redondo created Penicilina Fruits, a fruit and vegetable division within the Grupo Empresarial Pons Redondo Group S.L.U.

The mission of our company is based on satisfying the needs of our customers, that is, cultivating the products that are needed in the field, innovating day after day to speed up the process of harvesting and processing fruit and vegetables, surprising with the packaging and confection of the same and to speed up the delivery processes to the maximum.

Our vision is to reduce the cost of intermediation, reduce delivery processes from the collection of the product. We fully involve ourselves with the demands of our clients and carry out baking in the field for established programs both in markets and in large distribution chains. The experience in the fruit and vegetable sector of Penicillin Fruits is indisputable, since we are currently the third generation working in the sector day after day. Our PENICILLIN brand, the company’s flagship, has been in both national and international markets since 1928.




PENICILLIN: Our great brand both in the National market and International. Created by Mr. Emilio Redondo Paramio in 1928 and a ship logo of our company.

H Gold: Not for being born later, it is less important for us. Was created by the second generation of the company D. Juan Pons Armengol, brand benchmark in large distribution chains.

Tsunami: Incorporated in the company in the year 2020 by the third generation in the company D. Juan Antonio Pons Redondo. It was a major brand national scope and thanks to its resurrection a possible brand of reference in the markets in a short time.


One of the most important missions of Penicillin Fruits is to make quality of our Fruit and Vegetables, one of the most important pillars of our company. To carry out this purpose, we have created a specific department which is in charge of carrying out the most exhaustive quality controls of the market. Our company has the most demanding quality certifications in the world market.



At Pons Redondo Group we hold constant meetings on the progress of our fields and products. We study in detail the needs of the consumer, offering only high quality products.

logistica penicilina fruits


At Penicilina Fruits we not only seek to sell you the best Fruits and Vegetables on the market, we work day after day to deliver them to you anywhere in the world with the best quality and logistics controls currently on the market. For this we have arranged a specific department to manage the logistics of all our orders, whether by land, by sea or by air.